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Why are Democrats tolerating Hillary Clinton's selfish juggernaut to destroy the Democratic Party? They're sitting around allowing their nomination process to be corrupted, then asking, "Why can't Obama close the deal?" Open your eyes, Democrats! The man is fighting Hillary, Bill, the entire Republican Party, plus Rush Limbaugh and the entire FOX news staff.

No wonder Democrats can't win an election. The Republicans must be falling down backwards laughing at their stupidity. Isn't there anyone left with enough common sense to see that their acting as accessories to Hillary's collusion with the Republican Party to sabotage the November election?

Even the corporate media couldn't avoid reporting the unprecedented numbers of Republicans that crossed over to vote democratic in the Pennsylvania primary. ABC news quoted Bill Meck, a Republican voter for 41 years, as saying, he crossed over to vote Democratic because, "I wanted to be a part of the choice." That's Republican shorthand for I wanted to choose the Democratic nominee.

ABC news went on to report that "many new registrants spoke openly about changing their party affiliation to give McCain "a better shot in November." The report indicates that in Pennsylvania's Perry and Northumberland counties –"historically conservative, having voted for Bush in 2004 in wide margins"–officials said that many voters said they were crossing over to help the Republican Party. The report indicated that crossover voting was "proportionally large" this year, and "the pattern echoes the Republican crossovers in the run-up to the Texas and Ohio primaries." Thus, they are effectively invalidating the results of the remaining primaries.

The Republicans are openly manipulating the Democratic Party's selection process. And Hillary Clinton not only realizes that, but is just as openly colluding with the Republicans to blackmail the Democratic Party. She's forcing the Democrats to either dance to her music, or face the prospect of a fractured party and a possible defeat in the November.

Hillary's using the clout that's being gleefully provided to her by her Republican comrades as leverage in an attempt to completely overrule the Democratic National Committee, and the agreement that all Democratic candidates signed--including herself-- not to count the votes from Florida and Michigan for violating the Democratic Party's rules. But now using those very results, of the Florida and Michigan primaries, to claim that she's ahead in the popular vote–and that's in spite of the fact that Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan.

From Hillary's point of view, her collusion with the Republican Party is a win, win situation--it keeps her campaign viable in the primaries, and as she sees it, gives her two shots at becoming president. It gives her the time to damage Obama as much as possible. As a result, she concludes, she will render Obama so damaged that even if she doesn't get the nomination this year, Obama will lose in November, and she'll still be young enough to run again in 20012.

The Republicans benefit from this arrangement because they desperately want to run against Hillary. They know that she's severely damaged goods. Sen. Obama is so clean that the Republicans know that the only way they can go after him is by trying to smear anyone that he's ever said good morning to. But they can easily show that Hillary has a propensity for lying, and thus, cannot be trusted.

If Hillary became the nominee, the Republicans can show that she flat-out lied about the Bosnian incident, and then once she was caught in the lie, she told another lie about why she lied. In addition, even while she was telling middle-class workers whose jobs had been outsourced that she was against NAFTA, it was revealed that she not only supported NAFTA, but even as she was speaking, both her top campaign advisor, Mark Penn, and her husband, Bill, were being paid by the Colombian government to lobby for yet another such agreement on it's behalf. Then, after claiming to fire Mrk Penn, she simply took his name off the door.

An further, they can show that Hillary's unethical conduct goes all the way back to the very beginning of her career. Jerry Zeifman, who employed Hillary while he was chief counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings, indicated that he fired Hillary and refused to give her a letter of recommendation due to unethical behavior when she lied in a legal brief for the committee, and thereafter, attempted to cover it up by removing documents from the public domain.

And now we find that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aurelio Munoz has required Hillary Clinton to testify in a 1.2 million FEC civil fraud case brought against the Clintons by California Millionaire, Peter Paul. Judge Munoz ruled, however, that Hillary wouldn't have to testify until after the November election. In making the highly unusual ruling, Judge Munoz remarked to David Kendall, Hillary's defense attorney, Say hello to my friend, Bill.

Yet, in light of all of this baggage, Hillary has gone before the American people, the Democratic Party, and the superdelegates and said, "I'm most electable." It has become abundantly clear that this lady doesn't even have a passing acquaintance with credibility, and it is past time for the superdelegates to bring this madness to an end.

Eric L. Wattree


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