Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Stately Old Ship

A Stately Old Ship

The stately old vessel
Limps weakly towards port
As the rolling storm begins.
Veracious vermin gnaw
At its rotting hull,
Destroying from within.
Colors that once flew proud and strong
In distant and exotic lands,
Now flutter shamefully,
Tattered and torn,
Reflecting the flaws of man.

With cheers of fading greatness,
True patriots were scorned;
Demagogues were lifted aloft,
While the ship of state we mourned.
But the old vessel was
Made of sterner stuff
By a different kind of man;
Storms and vermin and rotting hulls
It can easily withstand.

Waiting in port, a fresh new crew
Eager to take command;
A new coat of paint, and fresh colors await,
A proud ship of state's next stand.

Eric LaMont Wattree
Copyright ©2008 Eric LaMont Wattree

I take great pride in being the product of adversity, because having simply survived provides me with unassailable credentials.

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