Tuesday, February 12, 2008




I have nothing against Hillary Clinton--I'm less than happy with several of her votes, but I'm sure I'd feel the same about any politician that I examined closely enough. But what does rub me the wrong way is this experience sham that she's trying to promote--it's fully transparent, and clearly designed to mislead the politically naive. The problem is, if she's trying to pull the wool of the eyes of some, why should I believe anything she says?

But I try not to get too worked up about it, because the hardcore Hillary supporters are doing more to help the Obama campaign than they can possibly imagine. Actually, if they didn't exist, Obama would do well to pay people to play their role. All of the finger pointing, mudslinging, and anger that they're bringing to this campaign is exactly what the American people want to get away from.

What Hillary, and many of her supporters, don't understand that the American people realize is that they generate so much bad feeling among such a large sector of American people, that if she is the nomintee, or even president, the only thing she would do is effectively bring the Republican Party back from the dead. Thereafter, there would be total gridlock, and more of the same. We're not dummies, we can see that--and the fact that she can't, doesn't bode well regarding her ability to face reality if she became president.

She seems to think we're idiots. She keeps talking about all of this experience that she's suppose to have. She reminds me of the Republicans who continue to try to convince us that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. She seems to think that if you tell a lie often enough we'll buy into it. Exactly what experience is she talking about? What office has she held that dealt with global warming, the military, the economy, negotiating with the enemy, or handling the budget? Absolutely none. She's not talking about Hillary, you're talking Billary--and what does that say about being an independent woman?

History has clearly demonstrated that the most valuable asset that a president can have is charisma--the ability to get the American people behind him to support his agenda. Senator Obama has already demonstrated that he has that.

Hillary was dragged through the mud in an attempt to get universal healthcare passed while Bill was in the White House, Obama, on the other hand, got his legislation passed in Illinois--with Rebulican assistance. That's the kind of experience we need--the kind of experience that you can't learn, or buy. Obama has the gift of pulling people together. That's exactly what we need at this point in our history.

Show me a "Republicans For Hillary" site on the web. I think that just about says it all with respect to who can get things done. Look at all the damage that Bush was able to do because he had the American people behind him--and that was without experience, or a brain. Well, with that very same resource, Obama will be able to do just as much good. Hillary, on the other hand, is going to have total gridlock. Absolutely nothing would be able to pass--and the minute she sneezed, we'd be bogged down in impeachment proceedings

The fact is, Senator Barack Obama's time has come, and Hillary can engage in all of the swiftboating she likes and nothing's going to change that. The bottom line is this--the office of the President of the United States is not community property, and Hillary's going to have to get use to that fact.

Eric L. Wattree


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