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Beneath the Spin*Eric L. Wattree 




Am I the only one getting fed up with this petulant farce of a Republican Party, or is everyone else seeing what I'm seeing? Republicans no longer even try to be either credible, or consistent. A Democrat and a Republican can commit the exact same act and they'll call it treason on the part of the Democrat and a glorious act of patriotism by the Republican. Even when a republican is caught committing an act of incredibly stupidity, it's no problem for them at all - they simply come up with a lie to whitewash it, and then move on to the next disaster. And they couldn’t care less how incredibly transparent the lie is. All they care about is making it plausible enough for their gullible base to swallow -  and their base will swallow anything, as long as it promotes their delusion of infallibility.  

Sen. Ron Johnson is a perfect case in point. He had the audacity to read into the congressional record an account of the capitol insurrection, by some observer he dug up, who claimed that it was actually carried out by leftist conspirators who disguised themselves as Trump supporters – and that’s in spite of the fact that of the hundreds of insurrectionists arrested, not a single one was a left-wing activist. And beyond that, relatively all of them said they carried out their actions at the behest of Donald Trump. And on top of all that, we watched it as it was taking place on live t.v., yet, Sen. Johnson read this complete fiction into the congressional record with the damp-eyed conviction of Walter Cronkite's finest hour. 
It leads one to believe that the man is either, mentally ill, incredibly stupid, or think America is both. But regardless of which way the winds of delusion are blowing in his head, it clearly proves that he’s unfit for office. Now, that  wouldn’t be a problem if we were only talking about one dysfunctional politician, but it seems that the entire Republican Party has fallen victim to the Trump-is-Jesus syndrome.
There was a time when if a politician got caught in a blatant lie it could cost him his career, but thanks to the new normal that Trump and the GOP has created, lying has become a routine part of communicating with the public. Their disregard for the truth has run so rampant that it would be breaking news if they went an entire day without lying. It's gotten so bad that the only way of
determining what the GOP is actually up is by listening to what they’re accusing their opponents of doing. 
This has become one of the most serious threats to American democracy that we've ever faced. We have an entire political party – one half of our political apparatus - who feels so threatened over the nation’s demographics that they neither like, nor respect, democracy any longer, and they’re willing to utilize every monkey wrench in the toolbox to undermine it. And what’s worse is, they have the dysfunctional assistance of one-third of the population to back their efforts. Due to the lying environment created by Donald Trump, the GOP, and Fox News, they've gathered an assemblage of the most recklessly insecure, undereducated, and mindless individuals in American history.

So, it’s no wonder these people love Donald Trump. He’s a perfect symbol for everything this motely crew stands for. He’s also an uneducated and truth-resistant failure who’s destroyed everything he’s ever touched. But he’s been propped up by his father most of his life, and later by Russian opportunists, so, as yet, he's never had to suffer the consequences of his incompetence. But that makes him a perfect reflection of his followers, a group that's comprised of a bunch of uneducated losers who have also been propped up, but in their case, by the White supremacist system. So the convergence of Donald Trump, his motely crew, and the Republican Party is the most serious threat to democracy that this nation has faced since the Civil War. In fact, considering the gullibility of his base, and Donald Trump's absolute stupidity, they could very easily place another civil war in our near future if we don't get a handle on the situation. Because the further in denial we remain, the more idiots they recruit, and the bolder they become. So we're taking these people much too casually - they staged an insurrection against the United States government! Think about that. They committed treason, so Trump's ass should already be in jail. It's time for America to wake up.


There’s a very easy solution for this problem, however. If we’re smart, we’ll make an example of Trump by giving him exactly what the law prescribes for every crime he’s committed. We should strip him of all of his ill-gotten wealth, charge him with inciting insurrection, and then throw in all the many other crimes he’s committed. He should be treated exactly like any other American who's committed his crimes would be treated. That would easily put him away for life. 
But the one thing that stands in the way of getting that done is America’s hypocrisy. While we claim to believe in equal justice under the law, that’s blatant a lie. Can you imagine the nation's reaction if Barack Obama had organized a group of crazed Black people to commit insurrection against our government!!!? The possibility of his being lynched right on the White House grounds would have been well within the realm of possibility.  
This country has never held white collar criminals accountable for their actions. That’s why Nixon didn’t go to jail, and neither did Reagan, George W. Bush, or Dick Cheney - and as much as I love Obama, he was a part of that hypocrisy with respect to Bush and Cheney because it's a hypocrisy that's built into system itself. Another example of that double standard at work is how they’ve let so many white collars criminals out of prison and placed them on house arrest due to the Coronavirus. Why should such people get out on house arrest while all the "average" prisoners have to stay incarcerated? What makes them so special? Let me tell you what makes them special – they're White, and they have money, connections, and social status. 

So, if we’re smart, we’ll ignore our national hypocrisy and jump in Trump's ass with both feet. We should deal with Trump like a common dope dealer, but worse, because his crimes are much more serious. That would not only send a strong message to the other dictator wannabes in the wings, but it’ll also send a message to Trump’s base. It would send them the clear message that what they smell ain’t cooking.
It's been rumored that Trump supporters intend to blowup the capitol at Biden's first State of The Union message. Now just think about that for a moment - The former president's supporters are planning to blow up the United States capitol. If that doesn't sound unreal to you, it just goes to show you how far this nation has slid down the slippery slope under Donald Trump, and it's time to correct that.
So, good. Let them come. Take down all of the fencing and barriers from around the capitol and let Trump give another one of his fiery speeches. Then the moment they step foot in one area they don't belong, the capitol's defenders should open up on them with machine gun fire just like they would against any other enemy who attacked our capitol. That's what should have done the last time, because that’s a response that never fails to get an idiot's attention.
 It's time to stop playing with these people.

if we'd have acted decisively the first time, we wouldn't even be having this discussion today. It would have immediately restored order in America. Because as I pointed out above, these people are the perfect reflection of Donald Trump. That is, they're cowardly wimps out to impress their friends by taking selfies of themselves playing Rat Patrol against our democracy. Think about it - can you even imagine Trump in a fist fight? Neither can I, because he even looks like he's a coward. So just like Trump, when the shit really hit's the fan, all of his gang of wimps will haul ass and crawl back under the rocks from which they came. Thus, the solution is simple. America has got to demonstrate to these idiots that we take our democracy seriously, so we have no intention of playing in the sandbox with them to use as a photo op.

Eric L. Wattree 
Citizens Against Reckless Middle-Class Abuse (CARMA) 
Religious bigotry: It's not that I hate everyone who doesn't look, think, and act like me - it's just that God does.  



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